bun gust din maramures

Salamandra’s combination of the tradition and philosophy of the Maramureș cuisine with modern technology has resulted in a delight of savoury meat products. If you try our products, you will rediscover the long-gone taste of the food in grandma’s larder.

Salamandra is a salami and meat products brand that has been present on the Romanian market since 1992.

HACCP- and ISO 9001-certified, the company Salamandra Plus provides a diversified portfolio of products: salamis, smoked meat products, pork and beef specialties, but also fresh pork and beef.

Salamandra products are distributed throughout Romania, through our own distribution network, in collaboration with our partner stores, but at the same time through our very own network of stores or in collaboration with retail networks and important domestic and international stores (in Italy, France, and Spain).

Due to an ongoing process whose aim is to constantly improve production flows and product quality, and also due to the continuous training we provide for our personnel, we have succeeded in acquiring the recognition of our German business partners.

Salamandra is a reliable long-term partner who guarantees to offer quality and carefully studied recipes, undergoing a continuous process of development, and who wants to offer excellent services to its clients and partners.

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Recognized Recipes

As an acknowledgement of the quality of its products and production method, Salamandra has in its portfolio 3 food items certified with the ”Recognized Recipe” label and logo.

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What’s New and Events

As you already know, we are delighted to join you at most important fares and exhibitions, countrywide and abroad. We believe that every event that manages...

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Where can you find us?

In order to meet the needs of our direct consumers, our company offers you fresh products through our own network of stores and our own distribution network.

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